1)     Outfits. This seems to be the thing many people stress about. I do have a few suggestions. Pick out something comfortable, and make sure you have at least tried it on before. You don’t want to look stiff and awkward in your photos because you cannot sit properly or move around comfortably. If you like the aesthetic that everyone is matching, try to find clothes that have colours in complementing palates. For example, all neutrals, jewel colours or pastels. It can be helpful to lay out the clothes next to each other to give you an idea what it will look like when you are all grouped together in a photograph. But, honestly, I think many people like to show off their personalities with their choice of what to wear, so choose what you love.

If you have young children in your group, it is always helpful to have a back up plan, as accidents do happen. If you have a baby in the group – spit up cloths and a change of clothes for the adults too. Being prepared for an ill-timed diaper blow out or spit up can help it all go pretty smoothly.

2)     Avoid the Hangry and Overtired times. Try your best to make sure everyone has had a good sleep and has been well fed before coming to your photoshoot. As a Mom of three children myself, I know the difference a well timed snack can make. I mean, I know I am way more likely to smile after a snack.

3)     Talk to your family about the photoshoot and what to expect in advance. You can practice your smiles, and then your silly faces (I am a big fan of silly faces photos to mix it up). If it suits your parenting style, consider a reward for after everything is done (eg, visiting their favourite playground, their pick of board game, or a special treat can all be something to look forward to).

4)     Don’t stress about the smiles. Sometimes we feel self-conscious about our smiles, or can start to look a bit uncomfortable with forced smiles plastered on our faces. Relax, enjoy each other and how great you look. I will help move you around, guide you where to look, and the smiles will come naturally. The more relaxed and you are, the better. If the smiles don’t appear, that’s okay, you will all still look wonderful.

5)     Speaking of low stress – give yourself lots of time. Aim to arrive early, as there are almost always a few little blips along the way when travelling with kiddos. Arrive at your location and your photographer, me, will guide you the rest of the way. Have fun!